Menu Title property per page?

I'm surprised EPiServer doesn't seem to have a Menu Title property for each page, or have I missed it? This is a common CMS field, to allow longer titles to have a shorter alternative so as to render cleanly in a navigation menu. If EPiServer does not have this field by default, what would be the best way to provide this functionality to our editors? I was thinking of adding a new (optional) page property, and then trying to change the EPiServer navigation controls to use this field if it exists, or the normal page title if it does not. Any feedback appreciated! /\dam
Aug 07, 2007 13:17
In all projects I have worked on we added a Headline or Heading property to all page types. This is just a short string property (<255 characters) and is used for the H1 on the page. We then use the PageName property for all navigation (as standard), but also add custom validation to the property to restrict its length to 30 characters. This was the editors can specify a long page headline, but are restricted to keeping the page names short and the bonus is you don't have to change any of the navigation controls. If you are unsure on how to create a custom validation for the page name, I have a blog post on this here:
Aug 13, 2007 20:23
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