grouping documents for faqs section and news listing question

I want to dipslay a list of documents for a faq section but by groups i.e say we have two categories of FAQ General [1] Title of document once clicked Tax Credts [12] Title of document(s) onces clicked is their a way of achiveving this in episerver with page tree or soemthing. Also with the news I use it for the pods section on main page the vancines e.t.c i have an property defined called DisplayOnPods I want the news section to look for this property and ignore it if not checked the reason being at the min i get duplication of main story in my pods. u can see what i mean at the following also i have include quick search howeever i cant see how it hides the form after the post i want the search box with the magnifiying class to stay visible
Jul 16, 2007 15:50
Simplest way would be to create folders where you add your documents. then use UnifiedDirectory to read what's in the folder. For an ever more dynamic way, decide one folder to hold all categories, then create folders below it and browse them each for files. That way you don't have to change anything when there's a new FAQ group, you can just add a new folder for it below your "FAQ root" folder. // Björn Sållarp Avantime AB
Jul 20, 2007 11:53
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