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I am trying to debug a problem with postback events not getting fired when the caller control is inside a repeater, and I am a bit puzzled by the trace results showing in the .net trace list (using trace.axd). Basically all the pages are shown as /Util/PixelImg.aspx. If I look at the details of this request I don't get any information at all about the control tree. I am assuming that EPiServer is using the Util/PixelImg.aspx as some sort of handler... Is there a way to get past this so I can see the accurate trace information? And while I'm at it, is there a known problem with posting back from a linkbutton (with it's onclick property set in the aspx) inside a repeater inside a placeholder inside a ascx control inside an EpiServer template? I have checked all the obvious things (rebinding the repeater, etc) and it's been baffling me for several hours now...
Apr 02, 2007 16:43
Hi The Util/PixelImg is something we use for the built in statistics in EPiServer. If that is disturbing the trace I would suggest that you temporary remove the line below from your framework. That should stop those messages.
Apr 03, 2007 17:05
Hello, I am also confused by using the Link button, it seems that the PostBackURL points to a certain region on the page. My code looks like this: [code]
protected void LinkButton_Command(object sender, CommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName.CompareTo("Sort") == 0) { DataView dwData = this.StoredSearch; if (dwData.Count > 0) { dwData.Sort = e.CommandArgument.ToString(); dlData.DataSource = dwData; dlData.DataBind(); } else { ErrorMessage.Visible = true; ErrorMessage.Text = "No result, please try again."; } } }
[/code] Regards Jesper
May 31, 2007 14:01
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