What performance parameters are there to changen in Web.config and/or IIS

Hi everyone. What parameters should be set in order to get the best performance on a big site, that doesnt have logged in users except editors, and the contents is not updated that often. I have found the following: - EPnCachePolicyTimeout - EPsCacheVaryByParams - EPnPageCacheTimeout How about removing the "WorkflowManager" in in web.config if it is not used. Are there anything that can be changed in the IIS in order to improve performance. Or anything obvious like "running debug mode" or something similar. Are there any httpRuntime setting that can be changed? Best regards, /Lars
Dec 11, 2006 7:07
Hi Try the following in web.config set debug to false, its true as default. Try the following in the machine.config. These settings depend on the number of processors. Let N be the number of processors Locate the "" section Change maxconnection = "xx" (where xx can be any number) To maxconnection = "48" (for a 4 processor system: N*12=4*12=48) Locate the "" section Change minFreeThreads = "xx" To minFreeThreads = "352" (for a 4 processor system: N*88=4*88=352) Change minLocalRequestFreeThreads = "xx" To minLocalRequestFreeThreads = "352" (for a 4 processor system: N*88=4*88=352) Locate the "" section Change maxWorkerThreads = "xx" To maxWorkerThreads = "100" Change maxIoThreads = "xx" To maxIoThreads = "100"
Dec 18, 2006 17:15
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