XForm data in 4.51

I am looking for a way to display posted xform data on the xform template page, much like it is done by the plugin on the editpanel, but visible for non-editors. More specific, I would like to display the posters' user names and any values submitted for the form. Earlier entries in this forum, written by you eminent developers out there has led me to believe that it's more or less a pinch in version 4.60 but alas, I still dwell in 4.51, yes that's a 4.51... The source code example in the 4.51 SDK for "FormPostings" suggests using EPiServer.WebControls.FormPostings but I have had no luck in retrieving data that way. Any attempt to access the datatable returned by FormPostings.Posts yields the annoying error message "EPiServer.Core.EPiServerException: This control must be placed on a page that implements IPageSource". I strongly suspect that that is not the correct error message, as the control is placed in a plain vanilla user control inheriting from UserControlBase (which certainly implements that interface). I also tried using EPiServer.DataAccess.XFormStatisticsDB but that only seems to retrieve form definition information. And the SDK is even less helpful there. I would really appreciate some help in this area, mostly because of that feeling of I-am-sure-its-simple-once-you-get-it-right. Thankyou!
Oct 17, 2006 13:24
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