Parser Error - thinks EPiServer:Content is a property

Parser Error Message: Type 'ASP.LMAFramework_ascx' does not have a property named 'EPiServer:Content'. In my aspx-pages I want to change a region to use another user control than in the framework-file. But no pages allow any kind of tags inside the framework... Has something gone wrong with my installation - I can not see that anything is wrong in the code, it's not my first EPiServer-site and they look the same. Has anyone encountered the same mysterious error?? My code: Line 5: Line 6:
Mar 25, 2008 18:34
Looks like you've created your own framework. Make sure it inherits from EPiServer.WebControls.ContentFramework. If not, ASP.NET will not be able to parse the contents of the tag (e.g. your content control), and will try to look for a public property on the user control with the name of the tag (which is the error you're recieving.) /Steve
Mar 25, 2008 18:44
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