A/B testing add-on and GDPR cookie compliance



We are trying to become compliant with the GDPR cookie legislation that states that any none-essential cookies are not set until a user explicitly accepts them.

We use the A/B testing add on, is there any way of getting it to not set the EPI-MAR-<Content GUID> cookie until we allow it to following opt-in on a per user basis?


Nov 11, 2019 16:02

Hi Rachel

Ideally, if you can set a cookie when the user opts in, you can make Episerver executes A/B tests only when such opt-in cookie is present in the request.

I have looked into this for a similar use-case. The simplest solution is to override the two SwapDisabled methods from the ITestingContextHelper interface, by using StructureMap interception. 

But it didn't work because of a bug in the A/B testing package that makes it ignore intercepted implementations.

Nov 12, 2019 8:26