Issues when upgrading EPiServer with EPiServer.Forms.EditView.InitializationModule

Hiep Dinh To
Member since: 2010

Hi everybody,

We're having issues when trying to upgrade EPiServer, the EPiServer.Forms.EditView.InitializationModule is trying to MigrationService.UpdateMissingValueOfRetentionPolicy() that loops through all the forms in the site to update the default value for form PartialSubmissionRetentionPeriod and FinalizedSubmissionRetentionPeriod. But whenever the web app startup - that cause the site to hang out due to we have many EPiServer forms in the system.

Is anyone having this problem as well or knows how to disable this behavior/ workaround for that ( that kind of MigrationService loop through all the forms should not be put in an Initialization Module I guess )

Thanks a lot,

Hiep To

Apr 15, 2019 12:11