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I wonder how to place a label without a text area in EPI server forms, just a text label, any idea? Also I wonder why my captcha is letters not a check box? My episerver is 7.5

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  • Dejan Caric
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    Label without input element doesn't make much sense.

    You should use p or span instead.

    To create a custom form element, you can create a class that inherits from ElementBlockBase and decorate it with ContentType attribute.

    You can then create a view, and register it in TemplateCoordinator (ref. Alloy).

    To hide Label and Tooltip properties in edit mode, you can do something like this:

    public new virtual string Label { get; set; }
    public new virtual string Description { get; set; }
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    I don't have access to the backend system to edit the code of the backend. I know that it might not make sense, but for example if I want to write some information text without the need of input like the example below:

    *An email will be sent to you after sumbitting this form.

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  • Dejan Caric
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    Episerver Forms comes with a block element called Rich text (with placeholders).

    Does that work for you?

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  • Arild Henrichsen
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    Edit: This information is incorrect (see below), reply edited. 

    Dejan, the Rich Text is an input element, which is a bad semantic choice for this. It seems OP is asking for a way to place a non-editable text element in-between form elements. 

    Unfortunately, Forms doesn't have this capability out-of-the-box. Your alternatives are:

    • Use Rich Text form element
    • Place your instructional text on the page/block before you insert the form
    • Place your instructional text in the form description (before the form elements)
    • Make a custom form element
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    Arild, that's exactly what rich text element does. It renders DIV/paragraphs, not an input element.

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  • Arild Henrichsen
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    Dang Dejan, you are right, and I am wrong - confused it with the textarea element! I blame Mondays. 

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