Forever pending request fails to load "All Properties" mode while editing page


Hi all,

I'm experiencing issue when trying to edit existing page's properties. Basically "episerver/shell/Stores/metadata/EPiServer.Core.ContentData?modelAccessor={"contentLink":"3405081_3570991"}&dojo.preventCache=1573038813653" request is forever pending and prevent's "All Properties" screen to load. There is no response to that request. Preview mode works as well as I'm able to access that page as visitor/user.

Also I'm not able to create new pages of this problematic type.

Strangely it works for around 1 hour after "Recycling Pool" and then it happens.

Recently we have added a bunch of new properties to that page type:

[SelectOne(SelectionFactoryType = typeof(CustomSelectionFactory))]

And hid one property like this:


Any pointers very much appreciated!

Nov 06, 2019 13:40

Go into admin and delete any unused old properties on content type

Nov 06, 2019 15:29
Ričardas - Nov 06, 2019 16:02
Ok, I had 2 missing properties. Removed them, will observe if issue appears once again. Thanks

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this didn't helped.

As usual I would suggest to use dotTrace to profile that call to see what happens under the hood. We'll be happy to look into the trace to see if there is anything we can do in the platform to make it better for you. 

Nov 06, 2019 15:47

Hi Ričardas,

We also face this issue in one of our projects and in our case the selection factory is the culprit. basically the data in the selection factory is coming from some third party API and that is taking too much time so can you try removing the selection factory property.

Nov 06, 2019 21:08

You could open the developer tools in your browser and inspect the network calls. I have had the same issue at times and the problematic request usually had a 500 status, if so you can check the response of the specific request, which might give you some insights.

Nov 07, 2019 12:57

@Jaroen, that is the problem, this request never had any status code and response. It was just forever pending.

But we found the issue and fixed it. I believe it's due to our custom code and somehow connected to server token.

Basically in a CustomSelectionFactory.cs we were retrieving token which was needed in order to make an API call and get values for that selection.

At the same time we had some custom Initialization module which was as well retrieving server token and same values for another SelectionFactory, but then somewhy was "Logging out" - flushing cookies and that retrieved token. 

So we just changed logic in our CustomSelectionFactory.cs to use values which were retrieved for another SelectionFactory in that custom Initialization module.

It's a legacy project...

Nov 07, 2019 13:13