PropertyDefinitionType and moving code to different assembly (refactoring)


Currently I'm refactoring a framework, which we use here for all our custom developed components on EPI CMS/Commerce. One of the refactorings is splitting up back-end and front-end into two projects, so the assembly name is being changed. One of the issues I'm currently dealing with is that we have a custom BackingType for a base class property which is used in Page Types. This property is causing issues when I run it on the new codebase, as EPI can't find the PropertyDefinitionType anymore in code. That one has been moved to a new assembly, so a second new entry is created in that table with the right assembly references. However all properties in the content types are in the database still referring to the old ones. This is causing Castle typecast exceptions as the proper types are not corresponding anymore.

Is there a way to rebind the PropertyTypes again to the moved code, without the need of fiddling with the database?

Edited, Oct 09, 2019 11:16