Loading edit mode very slowly every once in a while



Sometimes when trying to enter edit mode, it takes several minutes to load it even though no restart of the application has happened or anything. From what I have been able to find out so far, the longest time is spent in the database. Where some GET requests to Home/Index that is /episerver/cms takes as long as 2,5 minutes (where nearly 100% of it is spent in the database). Where it makes 1600 sql queries.

SELECT Id, ItemType FROM [dbo].[VW_EPiServer.Shell.Profile.ProfileData] WHERE [UserName] = @UserName

SELECT Id, ItemType,[UserName] FROM [dbo].[VW_EPiServer.Shell.Profile.ProfileData] WHERE [StoreId] = @StoreId

SELECT tblBigTableReference.ElementType, tblBigTableReference.ElementStoreName, tblBigTableReference.PropertyName, tblBigTableReference.RefIdValue, tblBigTableIdentity.Guid, tblBigTableReference.LongValue, tblBigTableReference.Type, tblBigTableReference.StringValue, tblBigTableReference.ExternalIdValue, tblBigTableReference.DecimalValue FROM [dbo].[tblBigTableReference] LEFT OUTER JOIN [dbo].[tblBigTableIdentity] ON tblBigTableReference.RefIdValue = tblBigTableIdentity.pkId WHERE tblBigTableReference.pkId= @Id AND (tblBigTableReference.Type = @Reference OR tblBigTableReference.Type = @Provider)

SELECT c.name AS column_name,t.name AS type_name,c.max_length,c.precision,c.scale, CAST(CASE WHEN EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.index_columns AS i WHERE i.object_id=c.object_id AND i.column_id=c.column_id) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS BIT) AS column_indexed FROM sys.columns AS c JOIN sys.types AS t ON c.user_type_id=t.user_type_id WHERE c.object_id = OBJECT_ID('tblBigTableReference') ORDER BY c.column_id;

SELECT CollectionType, ElementType, ElementStoreName, IsKey, [Index] Indexvalue, [BooleanValue], [IntegerValue], [LongValue], [DateTimeValue], [GuidValue], [FloatValue], [StringValue], [BinaryValue], [RefIdValue], [ExternalIdValue], [DecimalValue], tblBigTableIdentity.Guid FROM [dbo].[tblBigTableReference] LEFT OUTER JOIN [dbo].[tblBigTableIdentity] ON tblBigTableReference.RefIdValue = tblBigTableIdentity.pkId WHERE tblBigTableReference.pkId = @pkId AND PropertyName=@PropertyName ORDER BY [Index] ASC, IsKey DESC

SELECT TOP(1) "EPiServer.Shell.Storage.PersonalizedViewSettingsStorage".Id, "EPiServer.Shell.Storage.PersonalizedViewSettingsStorage".ItemType, "EPiServer.Shell.Storage.PersonalizedViewSettingsStorage"."UserName", "EPiServer.Shell.Storage.PersonalizedViewSettingsStorage"."ViewName" FROM [dbo].[VW_EPiServer.Shell.Storage.PersonalizedViewSettingsStorage] as "EPiServer.Shell.Storage.PersonalizedViewSettingsStorage" WHERE ("EPiServer.Shell.Storage.PersonalizedViewSettingsStorage".[UserName] = @Param0 AND "EPiServer.Shell.Storage.PersonalizedViewSettingsStorage".[ViewName] = @Param1)


SELECT [Limit1].[UserId] AS [UserId], [Limit1].[PropertyNames] AS [PropertyNames], [Limit1].[PropertyValueStrings] AS [PropertyValueStrings], [Limit1].[PropertyValueBinary] AS [PropertyValueBinary], [Limit1].[LastUpdatedDate] AS [LastUpdatedDate] FROM ( SELECT TOP (1) [Extent1].[UserId] AS [UserId], [Extent1].[PropertyNames] AS [PropertyNames], [Extent1].[PropertyValueStrings] AS [PropertyValueStrings], [Extent1].[PropertyValueBinary] AS [PropertyValueBinary], [Extent1].[LastUpdatedDate] AS [LastUpdatedDate] FROM [dbo].[Profiles] AS [Extent1] INNER JOIN [dbo].[Users] AS [Extent2] ON [Extent1].[UserId] = [Extent2].[UserId] INNER JOIN [dbo].[Applications] AS [Extent3] ON [Extent2].[ApplicationId] = [Extent3].[ApplicationId] WHERE (((LOWER([Extent3].[ApplicationName])) = (LOWER(@p__linq__0))) OR ((LOWER([Extent3].[ApplicationName]) IS NULL) AND (LOWER(@p__linq__0) IS NULL))) AND (((LOWER([Extent2].[UserName])) = (LOWER(@p__linq__1))) OR ((LOWER([Extent2].[UserName]) IS NULL) AND (LOWER(@p__linq__1) IS NULL))) ) AS [Limit1]


Where it keeps re-iterating between the last two for the remaining 1580 queries, i'm assuming by iterating through all users or something. Does anyone recognize this problem? It is currently not a very good way for the editors to work if the site takes 2+ minutes to load sometimes.



Dec 07, 2018 17:34

Hi Erik,

Did you resolve this problem? And in that case what did you do? (we seem to have the same problem now)



May 22, 2019 15:17