Bug-ish behavior when "Reverting to Published" on a draft awaiting approval

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Consider a content item with an approval sequence on it. It has to be approved by Person B.

Person A changes the title from "Alloy Plan" to "Alloy Plan!"

Person B is notified that the item is awaiting approval. They click the notification, and see "Alloy Plan!"

Person B selected "Revert to Published." The item reverts to the published version and becomes "Alloy Plan" on their interface.

Back at Person A, they don't get a notification that this has happened. Their screen stays "Currently In Review" and "Allow Plan!"  Their interface has no idea the draft was thrown away.

If Person A tries to "Approve Entire Approval Sequence," it does nothing (the Ajax call throws a 500 in the background).

If Person A tries to "Revert to Published," they get a modal saying "This version no longer exists"

How can we avoid this?  Should "Revert to Published" even be allowed someone is reviewing? Wouldn't this be the same intent as declining the content, and should they be forced to do that instead?

#182157 Edited, Sep 11, 2017 20:58