[OT] Making your blog post appear as syndicated on epi world

Joel Yourstone
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I know this is the wrong forum to ask, but I coudln't for my life find any contact info for someone at World, only developer support and Managed Services. Feel free to redirect/delete me if you know a better place to post this on :)

I just wrote a blog entry about episerver and wanted to have that listed under my blog here, so I created a blog and entered the "External Atom/RSS blog URL", which is a link to my rss feed file. I read that the syndication is a "scheduled service that runs every hour", so my guess is that I added the feed (which at the adding time was empty of items), then ~ 5 minutes later I posted my first post, but the syndication service ignores initial crawls of the feed?

Appreciate any help or point in the right direction!

Joel Yourstone

#181333 Aug 16, 2017 14:04
  • David Knipe
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    Hi Joel

    Thanks for trying to share your blog! The Episerver world team can be reached at epw [at] episerver. com


    #181335 Aug 16, 2017 14:11
  • Joel Yourstone
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    Thanks. Do as you wish with this thread!

    #181340 Aug 16, 2017 14:26