Episerver Forms Metadata on form not working

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In version 4.6

I don't get "rendering metadata" working, is it just me or a bug?


No metadata is rendered on form-tag... 

#180998 Aug 04, 2017 15:22
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    v4.6.1 works

    #181064 Aug 08, 2017 8:50
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    Allright, now i found it, I have an override of template in /views/shared/elementsblocks/formcontainerblock.ascx (and that one is really old!!) it didnt have the latest data-f-metadata="<%: Model.MetadataAttribute %>"

    I had this to override Html.RenderElementsInStep(i, step.Elements); with Html.RenderElementsInStep(i, step.Elements, Model); to make EpiBootstrapArea work...

    How are we supose to control if these templates are updated? it s a messy manual job...

    #181078 Edited, Aug 08, 2017 11:19
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    Who made that `EpiBootstrapArea` ??? Did I just read - "I was standing on thin ice and pointing shotgun at my boots.." ?!

    I agree that this is a bit messy manual stuff. Had exactly the same thing but with datetime and recaptcha controls.. can't think of brilliant solution at the moment..

    #181079 Aug 08, 2017 11:41