Dynamic Content in Wysiwyg is displaying {PagePropertyPlugin} in front end

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Seems that Dynamic Content in Wysiwyg in this version stoped working when upgraded to 10.9.1, from 10.5 (Webforms)

Only displaying {PagePropertyPlugin} in front end, expected: content from other page and property. 

Any Idea? 

I have this in episerver.config: 

<add description="Displays a property from any page" name="PagePropertyPlugin" type="EPiServer.DynamicContent.PlugIn.DynamicPageProperty, EPiServer" />

And it sure renders the name: {PagePropertyPlugin}

The HTML from editor is rendered front end 

<div data-classid="b30218a7-77fc-43dd-a844-81935aa9b35e" data-dynamicclass="PagePropertyPlugin" data-state="c5fb0588-2d22-406e-978a-48ebaac7ba54|RightText" contenteditable="false" class="epi_dc">{PagePropertyPlugin}</div>
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    MVC working... Seems to be a Webforms issue only, im using <EPiServer:Property PropertyName="MainBody" runat="server"  /> on the ASPX 

    If i use  <%= CurrentPage.MainBody %> IT IS WORKING! 

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    Hej Luc, 

    Checked surrounding form tag with runat server? Need to databind the control? Or perhaps set Autoeventwireup to true? Or just use the script tag since it's working :-) 


    #179207 Jun 03, 2017 19:33
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    I have verified the issue and reported a bug CMS-7642 for it. 

    There is already a suggested fix for it and it will be verified by our QA team and then be part of next release.

    Thanx for reporting!

    #179212 Jun 05, 2017 12:46
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    Thanks Leif for you trying ;)

    Johan, got it, thx for feedback!

    #179216 Jun 05, 2017 13:36
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    There is now a package EPiServer.CMS.Core.10.9.2 available with a fix for this

    #179280 Jun 07, 2017 12:37
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    Impressive Johan, from one week to another, and yes, it solves it.

    #179281 Jun 07, 2017 13:11
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    Yes, that is a nice thing with continuous releases that we can get fixes out quite fast.

    #179282 Jun 07, 2017 13:14
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    Bug fix available in EPiServer.CMS.Core 10.9.2, released today.

    #179441 Jun 12, 2017 16:48