Episerver Forms breaks PropertyList editor

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It seems the stylesheet for Episerver Forms (Forms.css) sets a fixed height for the `epi-plain-grid` class, which means the PropertyList editor no longer has auto height - resulting in items being hidden and thus not editable.

Anyone else seen this? Didn't see anything about it in the bug list.

#174226 Jan 22, 2017 14:44
  • Aria Zanganeh
    Member since: 2011

    similar issue I have

    #174233 Jan 23, 2017 5:15

    Reported a bug (AFORM-940) for fix.

    #174235 Jan 23, 2017 5:25
  • KennyG
    Member since: 2015

    Also reported as CMS-6243. Any idea when we'll see this patch added to the release?

    #174841 Feb 06, 2017 20:39