License information as app settings

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For DXC environments, and other use cases, we use appSettings  instead of the Episerver-specific configuration sections in web.config.

This works great for Episerver Find (both on-premise and DXC), but what about converting License.config to app settings?

There are (as far as I know) two app settings for licensing:

  1. episerver:LicenseKey
  2. episerver:LicenseKeySignature

However, I'm not sure if there's any way of extracting the relevant values from an existing License.config file?

It seems like the LicenseKey setting might be equivalent to AccessKey in License.config (?), but what about LicenseKeySignature?

And also, is there any documentation available for the app settings with an "episerver:" prefix? :)

Edit: For now, since we can't rely on config transforms for the build/deployment, I've added an initialization module which sets the license file path programmatically based on an app setting.

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  • valdis iljuconoks
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    +1, but will it be sufficient just to have 2 keys?

    #155144 Sep 09, 2016 11:56
  • Matthew Mols
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    @Ted - Did you ever figure this out? I've tried the SignatureValue and RSAKeyValue values from the License.config in those appSettings and it doesn't seem to work with developer licenses. Ideally, hoping to start to keep things like this out of Source Control, but this is one of the last gotchas.

    #187747 Feb 01, 2018 19:46