Extending content's context menu within a content area

Jens Qvist
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Anyone have a clue how to extend the contextmenu that appear for content in a contentarea?

Just like there are Displayoptions, i would like to be able to add other tags to the content. 


Sep 23, 2016 9:57
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It can be done by adding custom commands to the appropriate command provider. You can probably get started on the right track by looking at this blog post, the same principles apply: http://world.episerver.com/blogs/Tahir-Naveed/Dates/2015/5/adding-menu-item-to-page-tree-context-menu/

Edited, Sep 24, 2016 19:12
Marija Jemuovic
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Hi, Jens,

Check out the comments on that blogpost, since Ben from Episerver added his example that I later used for "Open in new tab" functionality.



Nov 02, 2016 10:29
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