Is Azure Redis Cache recommended/tested by Episerver for storing Session State

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I can't see that session state is mentioned here:

I am wondering if RedisSessionStateProvider is recommended/tested by Episerver in case of scalable Azure solution (with multiple instances of a webapp).

For me, with RedisCache, export of Form results (new forms) don't work.



#152259 Aug 22, 2016 18:39
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    Hi Majira.

    Redis is not officially supported for DXC. I talked to the DXC Managed Services earlier and were told that the Redis cache is being investigated for official support. I am though confident that a native Azure solution would work fine with EPiServer CMS and Commerce. We've set up numerous solutions relying on a on-premise Redis instance, so it sounds like something may be off with the Forms.

    Hope that helped you with some confidence in the Redis products... Which is great!

    Casper Aagaard Rasmussen 

    #152261 Aug 22, 2016 20:27
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    Thx a lot, Casper!

    Unfortunately, I have had some issues with Redis, timeout exceptions in particular, so timeouts + this, I might opt for removing it.

    I can't do much about forms other than reporting this to Episerver.



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    For the sake of completeness, more details about session state:

    P.S. Submitted an issue for support with a detailed error when downloading forms.

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