Publish Delayed Content Versions interval changed?

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I'm pretty sure this job ran once a minute in older versions of Episerver by default. Just noticed that the default interval nowadays is once an hour.

For what reason has this changed?

Right now, in worst case scenario, the publishing can be delayed up to 59 minutes!

#149575 Jun 03, 2016 17:04
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    I checked the documentation going back to version 7.5 -- it says the default interval is one hour.

    #149584 Jun 03, 2016 21:57
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    Hmmm I've haven't checked this job recently, obviously. Haven't noticed that it has changed since Episerver 5 and 6.

    Anyway. One hour is kinda bad default value. Every 10 minutes at least should be enough.

    #149587 Edited, Jun 04, 2016 0:12