Hide unpublished links in xhtmlstring

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Is there a built in way to hide unpublished links (remove the wrapping a-tag) when displaying a xhtml string for the visitor? We have a work around in place, just want to know if anyone knows a built in way of doing this.

#144813 Feb 19, 2016 11:54
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    Not more than running the link validation job and removing them manually. Should be possible to automate that by some dotPeeking and modifying the matching html fragment

    #144845 Feb 19, 2016 16:26
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    We just need to hide the link until the page is published, so just needed to modify it for the visitor. Did this solution now: http://antecknat.se/blog/2016/02/22/hide-unpublished-links-for-visitor/ Will monitor performance/response time a few days and make sure that it "destroy" the site.. :)

    #144887 Feb 22, 2016 9:43