Purpose of [tblIndexRequestLog]?

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CMS 8.15

On my local server [tblIndexRequestLog] is 6 million rows and taking 26 gb of drive.

Found this: http://epiwiki.se/troubleshooting/episerver-cms/episerversearch

Am I missing a configuration? is it safe to delete all rows?

#132880 Aug 20, 2015 9:04
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    Hello Gosso

    From memory this table is used to queue up the indexing requests for EPiServer Search. As it contains 6M rows it sounds like you may not be using EPiServer search on your site anwyay? If so, you are probably OK to remove the rows.

    Warning: EPiServer does not sanction or support direct database access so I'd recommend backing it up first just in case!


    #132903 Aug 20, 2015 14:29
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    Yes, now i see that on the local installation the internal UI search is not working. Maybe thats why all was queued.

    ive follow this guide (http://sveinaandahl.blogspot.se/2013/06/how-to-install-episerver-search-for.html) but no luck. on my other dev environment it is working... with same configurations.

    #132906 Aug 20, 2015 15:17