How do I get the reason of failing after XForm submit

Marija Jemuovic
Member since: 2010

I get the XFormFailedActionResult from ViewData["XFormActionResult"] and I hit the public ActionResult Failed(XFormPostedData data), but I can't find the error description/message.

Maybe I am overseeing sth. Anyone knows?

#87770 Jun 23, 2014 13:38
  • K Khan
    Member since: 2007

    If you are interested in knowing the Error only, then Changing the log level setting to <level value="All" /> in EPiServerLog.config may help you.


    #87778 Jun 23, 2014 14:37
  • Marija Jemuovic
    Member since: 2010

    Thx, this is enough for me at this point. Would be nice to be able to get the info from code as well.

    Btw, no need to change to value="All", it gets logged with Error as well.

    #87780 Jun 23, 2014 14:49


    Did you find out how to trap the validation error or the reason behind the failed submit of an XForm?

    I have a form where if the radio buttons on the form are untouched, the Success() gets fired. However, if any of the radio buttons has been changed, the Failed() gets fired. I don't know however where to find the error via code. I'd like to trap this so I can display the error in the form and for me to fix the issue I am unsure of at the moment.


    #120500 Apr 19, 2015 12:25

    Has a way to get hold of the error message from a failed XForm submission been found?

    I too can't seem to find the information in the XFormPostedData object or the ViewData["XFormActionResult"].

    Anyone know where you can get hold of this information?



    #123077 Jun 24, 2015 13:45
  • Sven-Erik Jonsson
    Member since: 2010

    If there is a validation error, it is in the ModelState. Otherwise it also might be a SMTP configuration issue.

    #123180 Jun 26, 2015 8:03