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Scheduled publish for PDF media

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Sort of editorial question but seems I can't find the answer :)

Client is requesting existing functionality from 7.0 - Scheduled version publish for PDF files.


What I'm looking for is feature or solution - when editor upload new file version with the same name - EPiServer actually asks for options: Skip, Replace immediately, Create new draft. Latter could be scheduled for publishing.

Any ideas?


This is pretty urgent !! as customer has lot of new files to be uploaded and scheduled for publish..

#85120 Apr 15, 2014 19:21
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    I think it should be feature request!

    But if this case is urgent you can:

    1. Patch client (MultipleFileUploadConfirmation.js, MultipleFileUpload.js) to:
      • Inject your customs action (Create New Draft, Schedule For Published, ...)
      • Inject your new controller
    2. Create by your self FileUploadController (FileUploadExController for instance). Change a little bit to get action from request, instead of:
    var action = (hasValidationErrors || !hasPublishAccess) ? SaveAction.Save | SaveAction.SkipValidation : SaveAction.Publish;


    You can find my evidence for this in here

    //Ha Bui

    #85219 Edited, Apr 17, 2014 8:46


    We released a new feature in EPiServer.CMS.UI.Core 7.7.0 ( that made it possible to configure if media that is uploaded should be auto published (standard behaviour), if you untick that feature uploaded media will in draft.

    You can find this new settings under Admin\System Settings\Editing

    #85264 Edited, Apr 22, 2014 7:20
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    Thanks Magnus!

    However - it's a good start but :) would be great if we could also specify publishing actions for each file while uploading as habu mentioned.

    #85304 Apr 22, 2014 19:01

    I agree that it would be a nice feature. I will submit a feature request for that.

    But will 7.7.0 solve your customer’s immediate problems? It should be possible to upload all of them now and then schedule them for publish at a later date.

    #85311 Apr 23, 2014 7:41
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    Yes - thanks. It's solving customer issue at the moment.

    #85312 Apr 23, 2014 7:49
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    I was scanning my old started forum posts to see - maybe something is already solved. this is one of the posts.

    if somebody is having similar case -

    #179638 Jun 16, 2017 23:23