How to route an url to IContent?

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I have an url to a document in the internal format (/episerver/CMS/Content/globalassets/test/requirements.xlsx,,824?epieditmode=False), how can I get the corresponding IContent from that url?

I've tried with UrlResolver without any luck :(

var content = UrlResolver.Current.Route(new UrlBuilder(urlAsString));
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    Did you try with 

    UrlResolver.Current.Route(new UrlBuilder(urlAsString), ContextMode.Edit); ? If you pass the ContextMode parameter, it will use Default.



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    Yes. Tried with both.

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    If it is a custom IContent implemention you need to implement EPiServer.Web.IRoutable. 

    Also UrlResolver.GetUrl will return null if the content does not have a page template (meaning the link will end up in a 404 anyway), you can disable template validation for UrlResolver by using overload that takes a VirtualPathArguments and in there set ValidateTemplate=false 

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    Maybe I was a bit unclear. I don't want to generate the URL, I want to resolve the IContent from an URL. In this case it's a MediaData, hence no template, but that should only matter if I want to generate the URL I guess. And there is no overload that takes VirtualPathArguments.

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    As a side note: MediaData actually has a template, in that case the template is a HttpHandler (ContentMediaHttpHandler).

    If you want to resolve a content from a url you would use UrlResolver.Route(UrlBuilder) that should handle media.

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    Alright. Then its even more strange that the above code doesn't work. I think I have to set up some more isolated tests with the above URL.

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    Hi again,

    Now it seems to work when adding ContextMode.Edit as well. Not sure why it didn't work the first time.

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