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About the demo website

Qjet is the main online marketing demo website. It is based on the fictional airline company "Qjet Airlines". Qjets business model is about delivering a highly personalized experience, hosting the dream of adventure and dream vacations abroad to their target market segments – as well as a heavy focus on making their loyalty members fly more with them

The demo site is setup to show all the possibilities with Episerver CMS, Episerver Find and several add-ons, in order to deliver an efficient and personalized web experience for advanced online marketing across multiple channels. It offers a showcase of deep personalization, self service, mobile profile management, design flexibility and content creation – and presents elegant solutions to ways to integrate with heavy backend proprietary business databases.

It is also a great platform to show Episerver Find sophisticated navigation scenarios. For companies with online content including user-generated content, products, articles and other forms of unstructured content, the product's advanced content retrieval capability provides personalized, efficient content delivery across an organization's communication channels.


These are some of the demo site features:

  • Start page with content areas that can hold any number of blocks, with the purpose to show how easy it is to change the start/landing page look & feel.
  • Personlization with many predefined visitor groups available.
  • Find-driven content with location awareness, illustrated in "Nearby destinations/Far away destinations".
  • Loyalty member page will show your past trips, upcoming bookings and QR code for connecting to a mobile self-service site.
  • Book flights page with detailed booking form as well as promotional personalized blocks.
  • Destinations page showing all destinations, illustrating Find's navigation capabilities.
  • Tag page (or category page), used for displaying relevantly tagged destination content.

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