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Access rights

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Episerver Visitor Intelligence is the user interface for viewing and filtering visitor profiles, and creating segments to be used as in omnichannel marketing campaigns. This topic describes user groups for controlling access to functionality in Insight.

How it works

The installation of Episerver Visitor Intelligence will add an Insight option to the Episerver global top menu. The groups described below controls the use access to the specific functionality areas of Insight.


Users with admin access in Episerver CMS can access everything in Visitor Intelligence. Admin access here depends on the administrator groups defined in web.config for Episerver CMS. See Virtual Roles.


Users that are members of the ProfilesProfileViewers group can work with profiles from the Profiles submenu option.


Users that are members of the ProfilesReportViewers group can work with profiles from the Reports submenu option.


Users that are members of the ProfilesSegmentViewers group can work with segments from the Segments submenu option.

Note: Users that are not in the administrator group, and need to work with profiles, reports, and segments, must be added to each of the ProfilesProfileViewers , ProfilesReportViewers, and the ProfilesSegmentViewers groups.

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Last updated: Feb 12, 2019

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