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Scheduled job for indexing

This topic describes the indexing scheduled job in an integration of Episerver Search & Navigation (formerly Episerver Find) with EPiServer 7/7.5 CMS.

How it works

The EPiServer.Find.Cms assembly ships with a scheduled job plug-in, which allows administrators to re-index the entire site from within the Episerver CMS admin mode. The job is named Episerver Find CMS indexing job, and it can be started either manually or via the standard scheduling functionality in Episerver CMS.

Using the scheduled job

There are primarily two scenarios for using the scheduled job:

  • To index all pages after having installed the Episerver Search & Navigation CMS integration for the first time. Existing pages will not otherwise be indexed unless manually re-published.
  • To handle situations where the automatic indexing has failed, or when pages should be re-indexed for some other reason. One such reason may be changes to the ACL (the access rights settings), as the automatic indexing does not trigger re-indexing for such changes by default.

Note: When started manually, the job (as all Episerver jobs) runs within the application pool of the IIS server and is interrupted by IIS when the Idle Time-out passes. By default, the timeout is set to 20 minutes.
While indexing a large site may take more than 20 minutes, it is not advisable to increase the timeout to handle this. Therefore, it is recommended to always trigger the job by scheduling, because it will be executed by the Episerver scheduled job process and not affected by the timeout.

At the completion of an indexing job, a report is printed to the history log displaying execution time and the number of pages indexed.

Indexing job: Reindexing completed.
ExecutionTime: 0minutes 18seconds
Number of pages indexed: 180

Error notifications

When an error occurs, the report will notify where it occurred and give the error message. Two types of errors are counted:

  • Page errors relating to filtering or loading page
  • Batch errors relating to transmitting and indexing files to Episerver Search & Navigation

Example of error notification:

Indexing job: Reindexing completed.
ExecutionTime: 0minutes 16seconds
Number of pages indexed: 169
Number of page errors: 11
Number of batch errors: 0
An error occured while filtering Page: 113. 
The 'ShouldIndex' function could not be evaluated for Page: 113. 
ShouldIndex-exception. (see log for more information)

To see the stack trace, activate the logging functionality and trace it in your log file.

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Last updated: Oct 31, 2016