Area: Episerver Profile Store
Applies to versions: 1.3.0 and higher

Track event methods

This topic describes the DELETE method for tracking events in the Episerver Profile Store API.

Track events are used for storing data from visitor interactions.

In this topic

Delete api/v1.0/trackingevents/{scope}/{id}

  • Deletes a tracking event for the given scope and tracking event Id.
  • Returns:
    • HTTP 200 OK when a tracking event was deleted.
    • HTTP 404 NOT FOUND if tracking event does not exist.
    • HTTP 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR when an internal error occured in the deletion process. 

Note that if you experience a HTTP 500 error you will be able to retry the operation again in order to get a succesful response.

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Last updated: Jul 05, 2019