Area: Episerver Profile Store
Applies to versions: 1.3.0 and higher


This topic describes the properties of the Profile object, in the Episerver Profile Store API. Profiles are used for storing aggregated data from visitor interactions. You can view profile data in Episerver Visitor Intelligence or with the Profile Store API.

How it works

The profile object contains a set of property fields.

  • ProfileId [GUID]. The unique identifier of the profile, generated by the API.
  • DeviceIds [Array[string]]. A list of attached devices.
  • Name [string]. A descriptive name for the profile.
  • Scope [string]. The scope for the profile.
  • ProfileManager [string]. Name of the person responsible for managing the profile.
  • FirstSeen [DateTime]. When the first track event was sent for the visitor.
  • LastSeen [DateTime]. When the last track event was sent for the visitor.
  • Visits [int]. Number of sessions that this profile was active (>15 minutes between two track events creates a new session).
  • UpdateTime [DateTime]. When the profile was last updated.
  • Info [Array with key [string] / value [string] ]Key is one of the following, often based on data from a form field or similar:
    • Picture
    • Website
    • StreetAddress
    • Phone
    • Mobile
    • City
    • State
    • ZipCode
    • JobTitle
    • Company
    • Country
    • InferredCountry. (Deduced from an IP address.)
    • Email
  • ContactInformation [Array[string]]. A read-only property that contains a list with values describing how the owner of the profile can be contacted, and contains one or more of the following values:
    • Anonymous. If Name property is not set on the profile.
    • Known. If Name property is set on the profile.
    • Mailable. If Email exists in Info property.
    • Callable. If Phone or Mobile exists in Info property.
  • Payload [object]. A property where any other custom values can be stored in the form of a JSON object.


  "ProfileId"          : "df9fbdb3-4141-4d85-b37b-f5664b11a9dc",
  "DeviceIds"          : [
  "Name"               : "John Doe",
  "ProfileManager"     : "Alec Baldwin", 
  "FirstSeen"          : "2018-01-01T12:34:56",
  "LastSeen"           : "2018-05-18T11:33:12",
  "Visits"             : 1401,
  "UpdateTime"         : "2019-03-06T21:29:38.4088275Z",
  "Scope"              : "CommerceSite"
  "Info"               : {
                           "Website"       : "https://example.com"
                           "Picture"       : "http://example.com/profile/JohnDoe_avatar.png",
                           "StreetAddress" : "Hagagatan 1, vi",
                           "Phone"         : "0294-8742517",
                           "Mobile"        : "0294-8742517",
                           "City"          : "Stockholm",
                           "State"         : "N/A",
                           "ZipCode"       : "815 24",
                           "JobTitle"      : "Developer",
                           "Company"       : "Almacs",
                           "Country"       : "SW",
                           "Email"         : "John.Doe@example.com"
  "ContactInformation" : [
  "Payload"            : {
                           "customField"      : 10,
                           "otherCustomField" : "banana"

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Last updated: Aug 16, 2018