Last updated: Sep 14 2018

Area: Episerver Profile Store Applies to versions: 1.3.0 and higher

Profile Store API

This topic introduces the Episerver Profile Store API, used for administration, reporting, and backend work. The Profile Store API is separated from the Tracking API so that it has independent processing loads.

Note: Episerver ships the API with swagger documentation. Append /swagger to the root URL to access swagger documentation and test functionality. However, not all APIs are available for testing in  production.

How it works

Tracking is based on the following concepts:

  • Track event. Data about user behaviors that the installed Episerver Tracking package automatically collects, such as visiting a page, clicking a link, and so on. From time-to-time, track event analyzes and consolidates the data into a profile.

  • Profile. Data about a site visitor or customer aggregate of track events in a scope. You can view profile data in Episerver Insight or with the Profile Store API.

  • Segment. A collection of profiles that match a conditions (using filter or query), such as visitors that previously responded to a campaign.

  • Scope. A large-scale partitioning of the Profile Store data that can be used to separate different business areas, such as brands or markets, to separate the tracked user's behavior. Each user can have a separate profile and history for interactions per scope so that personalization and marketing activities are relevant to the behavior within the context of that scope. A regional manager can access only his/her market or brand according to their responsibilities, while a global manager can access several scopes.


Use the Authorization header for authentication with a value in the following format: epi-single key; it contains the subscription key that is passed to the API with each request.

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