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Order cancellations

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This topic describes how to manage order cancellations, when you use the personalization service as part of the Episerver Personalization product suite. When a visitor creates an online order and then cancels it, you need to inform Episerver of the cancellation.

Note: Test your API calls using the user acceptance testing (UAT) server prior to adding code to your production server or live website. Also, before implementing, contact Episerver to enable order updates and cancellations in Episerver Personalization.

Online order cancellations

To cancel an online order, submit a POST request with an active session, a cuid, and an orderNo. These do not need to match the session and CUID that were used when the order was placed, but these are used if the order is cancelled within the same session.

POST https://<clientname>.peerius.episerver.net/tracker/api/<apiversion>/<sitename>/order/cancel.pagex

Request Parameters:

  • session. current_sessionid
  • cuid. current_cuid
  • orderNo. orderref123

You can pass parameters in the API URL after a question mark (/cancel.pagex?session=...&cuid=...&orderNo=...) or in the request body of a POST request that uses 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' content type. 

For example:


Offline order cancellations

When a visitor creates an offline order and then cancels it, you need to inform Episerver of the cancellation.

To cancel offline orders, submit a DELETE request with the order number to the offline orders endpoint. The siteName, channel and siteToken values should be the same as those used to create the order. For confirmation of these values contact Episerver.

DELETE https://<clientname>.peerius.episerver.net/smart-api/orders/offline/<order_number>

Request Headers:

  • site. sitename
  • siteToken. token123
  • Content-Type. application/json
  • channel. store

For example:

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Last updated: Dec 23, 2019

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