Last updated: Nov 02 2017

Area: Episerver Perform, Episerver Reach Applies to versions: 1.0 and higher (Server-to-Server API)

Server-to-Server API

Overview of the Server-to-Server API

The Episerver Server-to-Server API lets clients integrate their servers or applications with Episerver Personalization products. The API provides JSON tracking data and receives JSON-formatted content that lets servers or applications integrate with the Episerver Personalization product offering.

Prerequisite: To integrate with Episerver Personalization, you need to be sending Episerver a product catalog feed. See the Catalog feed specification.

The core of the tracking data includes user journey, user information, and product details. In response to the tracking data sent, recommendations are returned with the Server-to-Server API response payload.

Note: This API documentation assumes you have some basic JSON knowledge.

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