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Native integrations

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This topic explains the concept of native integrations for the Episerver Personalization product suite, used when implementing product recommendations and personalized search results. Native integrations add product-specific personalization components for the Episerver Commerce and Episerver Search & Navigation (formerly Episerver Find) parts of the Episerver platform.


To set up product recommendations, you need to provide Episerver with a product catalog feed. See Catalog feed specification.

How it works

The personalization functionality in Episerver consists of a core personalization system, and product-specific native integrations, which are a set of NuGet packages that you install for each part of the platform where you want to add personalization. See Personalization for details about packages to install.

There are native integrations for:

Native integrations provide product-specific access to the core personalization. Server-to-Server API manages JSON tracking data and JSON-formatted content. Refer to each product developer guide for details on how to set up native integration for your solution.

Product recommendations integration flow

The following image shows an overview of the integration process.


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Last updated: Jun 05, 2018

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