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Feed location specification

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If your website supports different countries, then you can provide the product data using a location attribute within an RSS feed. The following elements support location information. 

  • <p:title> 
  • <p:description>
  • <p:link> 
  • <p:imageLink>
  • <p:inStock> 
  • <p:stock> 
  • <p:recommend> 
  • <p:recommended> 

See Mandatory item elements and Optional item elements for descriptions of these elements. See also RSS 2.0 feed example for a more comprehensive example.


Detailed below are examples for some of the fields to help illustrate how location data can be provided.


<p:title location=”en-GB”>ProductTitle</p:title>
<p:title location=”de”>Produkttitel</p:title>


<p:description location=”en-GB”>...</p:description>
<p:description location=”de”>...</p:description>


<p:link location=”en-GB” >... </p:link>
<p:link location=”de” >... </p:link>


<p:imageLink location=”en-GB”>http://yourdomain.com/image/c001.jpg</p:imageLink>
<p:imageLink location=”de”>http://yourdomain.com/image/c001.jpg</p:imageLink>
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Last updated: Sep 15, 2020

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