Last updated: Dec 27 2017

Area: Episerver Insight Applies to versions: 1.3.0 and higher

Installation and configuration

This topic describes how to install and configure Episerver Insight, the user interface for viewing and filtering visitor profiles, and creating segments to be used as input for omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Note: Episerver Insight is dependent on Episerver Profile Store to be installed for data tracking and storage. See Episerver Profile Store. The Insight API is for Episerver-internal use only, for the Insight user interface.

Installing the Insight UI

Execute the following command in the Package Manager console in Visual Studio, to add Insight to your project.

Install-Package EPiServer.Insight.UI

Configuring tracking

In Web.config, set the values in the following appSettings keys to enable tracking with attribute to Episerver Profile Store:

  <add key="episerver:profiles.InsightApiBaseUrl" value="" />
  <add key="episerver:profiles.InsightApiSubscriptionKey" value="" />
  <add key="episerver:profiles.CloudUIBaseUrl" value="" />

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