Last updated: Dec 27 2017

Episerver Insight Developer Guide

Episerver Insight is the user interface for viewing and filtering visitor profiles, and creating segments to be used as input for omnichannel campaigns. 

Episerver Insight will not track any data by itself because it is dependent on Episerver Profile Store to be installed for data tracking and storage. See Episerver Profile Store.

Getting started

As part of the onboarding, Episerver will send the required configuration keys and credentials to the technical contact for your project. Use the keys to configure the tracking for your websites. Contact Episerver for questions regarding the onboarding process.

NuGet packages

  • EPiServer.Profiles.Client. Main package for tracking of an Episerver site to Profile Store.
  • EPiServer.Profiles.Client.Common. Common classes used by other packages.
  • EPiServer.Tracking.Core. Generic package for tracking.
  • EPiServer.Tracking.Cms. CMS integration for tracking.
  • EPiServer.Insight.UI. Main package for adding the Episerver Insight user interface.
  • EPiServer.Insight.Cms. CMS integration for Insight.

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