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Integrating Find with Episerver Commerce

This topic describes the integration of Episerver Find with Episerver Commerce. The integration ensures that, after you implement search features, Find treats Commerce catalog content like regular content.

Note:  The integration requires Episerver Commerce version 8.8 or higher.

Integration benefits

Commerce integration provides these features and benefits.

  • Catalog items included in Unified Search results. Projections are configured for Url, ImageUri, and object getter for inheritors of EntryContentBase.
  • Catalog items available when creating best bets. The Find Best Bets UI lets you select catalog items.
  • Enhanced indexing of catalog items. Indexing includes all catalog languages.
  • Search provider for catalog items. Catalog items can be searched using Find in Episerver edit view.

Integration package versus Find.Commerce package

You can use the integration package, the Find.Commerce package, or both. The integration package uses Find as a search provider in Commerce manager and the ECF search APIs. The Find.Commerce package uses Find to search catalog items via the Find API. For more information on the Find.Commerce package, see Configuring Episerver Find search provider.


To install the Commerce integration package:

  1. Add the Episerver.Commerce.FindSearchProvider package to the CMS and Commerce Manager projects using the Package Manager Console (Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console).

    NuGet command: Install-package Episerver.Commerce.FindSearchProvider

  2. Add the EPiServer.Find.Commerce, EPiServer.Find.Cms, and EPiServer.Find.Framework packages to the CMS project. Run the following command on CMS project.

    NuGet command: Install-package EPiServer.Find.Commerce

  3. Run the Find content indexing job. EPiServer.Find.Commerce adds data to documents being indexed, so indexed documents only match expected search results after content is reindexed.

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Last updated: Oct 31, 2016