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Product-specific guidelines

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Episerver put a lot of effort into making the company and platform GDPR-compliant. For example, Episerver considers data privacy and data protection when designing products, and makes continuous assessments of data security in its products. Episerver uses encryption and pseudonymization wherever possible and designs products to simplify the design of active consent forms.

However, the Episerver platform cannot make all decisions for you. As an Episerver partner or customer, GDPR will affect how you work with Episerver; especially when working with Episerver features that can collect and process data, such as Episerver CMS, Episerver Commerce, Episerver Forms, Episerver Profile Store, the Episerver Personalization suite, and Episerver Campaign­­­.

The following sections contain product-specific guidelines to consider when working with Episerver:

For an introduction to GDPR and some general guidelines, see The Episerver platform and GDPR and General guidelines.

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Last updated: Jun 19, 2018

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