Area: Episerver Commerce, Episerver Perform
Applies to versions: EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce 1.0 and higher

Exporting your catalog to Episerver Perform

In order for Episerver Perform to provide accurate and valuable recommendations, your catalog must be exported to the Episerver Perform engine on a regular basis. You should schedule the export job to run every 24 hours.

To export a catalog, start your site, enter admin mode, and launch the Export Product Feed scheduled job. If the job finishes with a successful status, your catalog was successfully exported. 

The scheduled job has two parts:

  • Serialize the catalog to XML, compress it, and store it as a blob.
  • Notify Episerver Perform that a new catalog is available.

To notify Episerver Perform that a new catalog export is available, the scheduled job calls the Episerver Perform REST API (via HTTPS) and passes a callback address and an authorization token. When the Perform engine has the resources to handle downloading the catalog, it calls the specified callback method and passes the token. If the callback method determines that the passed token is valid, the download is allowed.

The callback address is formulated using SiteDefinition.SiteUrl as the host and a static path. It is recommended that the SiteUrl be set to use the HTTPS protocol.

Export overview

Last updated: Jun 07, 2018