Last updated: Oct 24 2016

Area: Episerver Commerce Applies to versions: 10 and higher
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Episerver Commerce has a comprehensive marketing system that lets a marketer easily create campaigns, associate content with a campaign, and create promotions, landing pages, and blocks to publicize a campaign. The following sections explain how to work with the marketing system.

Note: The legacy Episerver Commerce marketing system, which includes campaigns and promotions, has been renovated to a separate, improved marketing system. The new system cannot be used in parallel with the legacy system.

Note: In the user interface, promotions are called discounts.  However, since they are called promotions in source code, that term is used in the developer guide.

Marketing system

Marketing system [legacy]

Enabling the new marketing system

When you install Commerce, the new marketing system is enabled by default. To disable it and activate the legacy marketing system, configure your site. For more information, see Configuration.

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