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1. Setting up your development environment

Episerver is conveniently installed through Visual Studio and the Episerver Visual Extensions, providing everything you need to get a sample website up and running and get started developing.

 Install Visual Studio

Visit Microsoft Visual Studio to download a suitable version, if you do not already have Visual Studio installed.

 Install the Episerver Visual Studio extensions

Using the extension package for Episerver CMS you can set up a project with a database, required NuGet references, and sample templates (optional). The easiest way to install the Episerver Visual Studio extensions is directly from Visual Studio (Community, Professional or Enterprise) as described below: 

  1. Select Tools Extensions and Updates.
  2. In the extensions window, select Online, and type "episerver" in the search box.
  3. Select Episerver CMS Visual Studio Extension and click Install (or Update if already installed).

Note: The Installing Episerver video shows you how to install an Alloy sample site.

 Cloud development

For simplicity, examples here apply to an on-premises environment installation. For cloud-specific development considerations, see deployment scenarios for CMS and Commerce, and DXC Service.


You can order a time-limited demo license for evaluation purposes from the Episerver License Center.

Note: You need a commercial Episerver license for testing and production environments to work properly. 

Next steps

Continue by setting up a new project for development in Visual Studio: