Last updated: Apr 07 2017

Get started developing with Commerce

Note: These topics explain how to install Epi Commerce in a local environment. To learn about installing it in the cloud, see
* Install an Episerver Commerce site to run on Azure Web Sites
* Install an Episerver Commerce site to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

1. Setting up your development environment

Set up the development environment with everything you need to get started developing, including IIS, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and the Episerver Visual Studio extension.

2. Creating your project

Create an empty Episerver Commerce project in Visual Studio, using the Episerver Visual Studio integration, for your development project.

3. Creating a start page

Create start page page type based on the Episerver content model, and add rendering and configuration, to get a working website up and running.

4. Adding e-commerce functionality

Add e-commerce functionality such as catalog content and rendering, shopping cart and checkout functionality, shipping and payment methods, search functionality and more.

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