Area: Episerver Commerce
Applies to versions: Commerce 11 and higher

Feature switch

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This topic describes the <Features> configuration options for Commerce. The config file location is Configs\ecf.app.config.
The <Features> configuration options control three Commerce features, shown below: 

<Application defaultApplicationName="ECApplication">
    <add feature="WorkflowsVNext" state="Disabled" type="Mediachase.Commerce.Core.Features.WorkflowsVNext, Mediachase.Commerce" />
    <add feature="SerializedCarts" state="Enabled" type="Mediachase.Commerce.Core.Features.SerializedCarts, Mediachase.Commerce" />
    <add feature="CustomerServiceUI" state="Enabled" type="EPiServer.Commerce.UI.CustomerService.Features.CustomerServiceUI, EPiServer.Commerce.UI.CustomerService" />

 The feature details are described below.

Feature Enables State values Type
WorkflowsVNext The vnext version of workflows to run. See also: Workflows VNext.
  • Enabled (default): Workflows use the new promotion system.
  • Disabled: Workflows use the old promotion system.
Mediachase.Commerce.Core.Features.WorkflowsVnext, Mediachase.Commerce
SerializedCarts Working with the serializable cart system.  
  • Enabled (default): Carts use the new (serializable) cart system.
  • Disabled: Carts use the old cart system.

Mediachase.Commerce.Core.Features.SerializedCarts, Mediachase.Commerce

CustomerServiceUI The user interface in which carts are found and displayed. Note: The new user interface is a Beta version.
  • Enabled: A user with access rights can access the new user interface.
  • Disabled (default): The new interface is hidden.
EPiServer.Commerce.UI.CustomerService.Features.CustomerServiceUI, EPiServer.Commerce.UI.CustomerService
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Last updated: Apr 24, 2018

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