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Configuring assets [Legacy]

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Note: The functionality described in this article is not available in Commerce versions 11 and up.

Note: Episerver uses the Episerver asset system by default. To enable the legacy asset management system, set the UseLegacyAssetSystem configuration setting to true in the web.config files of both the Commerce Manager and the front-end sites. 

For the asset management to function properly, you need to configure the library storage and download, as well as IIS. These configurations are managed in library.Storage.config and library.Download.config. You can also use the Amazon S3 service for storage. The configuration options are described below.

Setting up IIS for virtual oaths

Method 1: IIS path rewriter

Paths to a file are created using the real extension, such as Library/Folder1/Folder2/File1.txt. The Path Rewriter is installed in IIS, which changes requests to FileLibrary/Download.axd?path=Library/Folder1/Folder2/File1.txt or adds the extra extension .axd to the requests. In ASP.NET, HttpHandler is configured for FileLibrary/Download.axd. Handler intercepts requests and processes them.

Method 2: All files with extension .axd

Paths to the file are not original, such as Library/Folder1/Folder2/File1.txt.axd. ASP.NET HttpHandler is configured for .axd types, which intercepts requests.

Configuring assets for Amazon storage

Amazon S3 is a widely used, internet-based storage. Do the following to set up this type of storage:

  1. Obtain an account from Amazon.
  2. Enter the access key and secret access key into the library.Storage.config file, located under ConsoleManager and FrontEnd IIS websites.
  3. Specify the files you want stored in the cloud using library.Folders.config file. By default, it is configured to store files under the cloud directory using the S3 Service. You can define that files of a certain size or type are stored in the cloud.
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Last updated: Mar 02, 2017

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