Last updated: May 28 2018

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Using the REST API in Episerver Campaign, you can perform an HTTPS request to control the following functions remotely:

  • Smart Campaigns: Create, edit and send one-shot campaigns, e.g. newsletters
  • Confirmations: Edit and send registration confirmations (opt-in-mails)
  • Transactional mails: Create transactional mails that are automatically triggered by actions or events

You can find information on these functions in the following chapters:

Set up the REST API in your client

To set up the REST API in your client, contact customer service.

Note: For setting up the REST API, provide a separate email address that you do not yet use for Episerver Campaign. Using that email address, our customer service will set up your API user.

Data transmission/representation

The REST API only accepts HTTPS requests. The response data is transferred as a JSON string.


The authentication is done via Basic Authentication with your API user and your API password.

Date format

Specify data in the ISO-8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH: MM: SSZ


2018-05-25T18: 08: 55 + 02: 00
2018-05-25T20: 08: 55Z

Swagger documentation

For a description of the methods and resources, see the Swagger documentation here.

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