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Episerver Campaign provides the SOAP API, which can be used to execute virtually any function from a remote system. The SOAP API is compatible with the most common platforms (Java, PHP, .NET) and thus can be used with any kind of data processing system.

Download here the Java client API, the PHP client API and the WSDLs for the SOAP API.

The WSDLs for the coupon code system can be found under the following links:

What can I do with the SOAP API?

You can execute virtually any function of Episerver Campaign from a remote system without using the web browser and logging into your client manually. The interface is bi-directional, which means that you can send and receive data from/to Episerver Campaign. The following processes can be executed with the SOAP API:

  • Create recipient lists and add new recipients
  • Edit recipient lists and recipients
  • Update and synchronize blacklists
  • Create temporary and permanent target groups
  • Create mailings, add content and dispatch mailings
  • Bounce management

Modifications since the previous version

New methods

The method getOutBounces was added. 

Last updated: May 28, 2018