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Starting a project with B2B Cloud requires some configuration and setup before development can begin. The steps below explain what is needed to get up and running with B2B Cloud. Additional details can be found in the related support articles.

  1. Familiarize yourself with requesting an B2B Cloud environment and how that environment is provisioned.
  2. Submit a Project Initiation Form to request the provisioning of an B2B Cloud environment. This article also helps explain the basic structure of the B2B Cloud environments, the process for deploying to those environments, and how often the B2B Cloud environments receive service packs and releases of ISC.
  3. Setup your local development environment. This task includes prerequisites, such as learning about the basics of Git and obtaining the Certified Epi B2B Commerce Cloud Developer certification.
  4. Learn about deploying local changes to the B2B Cloud environment and how Github is used to facilitate that process.

For reference, all of the articles linked in the list above are also included in the "Getting Started with Epi B2B Commerce Cloud" section in the B2B developer portal. Additional articles related to B2B Cloud are also included within the same section.

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Last updated: Dec 11, 2020

Recommended reading