Area: Episerver Service API
Applies to versions: Service API 5.3.0

Change publish status for a language

From Service API 5.3.0, the individual status of a language version can be controlled via new model property – PublishStatuses, which is a list of PublishStatus.

This is an example of PublishStatuses, which sets the individual publish statuses for “en” and “sv” versions.

The new property can be used for Nodes and Entries. Here is an example of Entry with publish statuses.

Example of a returned JSON.

You can use PublishStatuses in both POST (create) and PUT (update) operations. It will be returned in GET operations.

For POST and PUT, if PublishStatuses is null, it is skipped. It is also possible to update the statuses of some, but not all, languages.

A few notes:

  • If IsActive is set to false, it overrides the IsPublished status of all languages.
  • It is not possible to “unpublish” the master language version. There must be always a published, master language version.
  • It is not possible to "unpublish" a published version. If you have a draft version in a non-master language, set IsPublished to false for that language to keep in draft. If it is published, setting IsPublished to false has no effect. Use StartPublish and StopPublish to expire the content instead.
  • While it is possible to send a list with duplicated languages, only the first matching publish status for a language is used.
  • StartPublish and StopPublish of a master language override StartDate and EndDate.

Last updated: Dec 03, 2018